You don’t need to leave our beautiful resort for your wellbeing, since we have all the necessary facilities onsite – including yoga deck, massage tables, playrooms, rock cave, refreshments and outdoor areas.

We use only the best professional providers so that you can relax and feel safe and nurtured at all times.

“Nice amenities lots of fun and different for once. Stayed a few nights went out to noosa and A-bay. Nudism is a great lifestyle. We met wonderful people there with great personalities. Would go back for sure!”
Matthew C

Feel empowered to choose from any of the following:

  1. Kahuna super healing massage – $90 per hour. on our Decking or wherever you choose
  2. Deep body and soul Massage $90.- on our Decking or wherever you choose
  3. EXOTIC massages – From 110.- per hour in our romantic rock cave with coconut and Ylang-Ylang massage oil, towels, shower and water
  4. Yoga lessens from 15.-/h
  5. Nude Yoga lessons from 25.-/h
  6. Exfoliation in the rock cave from 70.-/h
  7. Exfoliating in rock cave with sensuous massage from 100.-
  8. Whole body clay pack from 100.-
  9. Vibrasaun (massagebed with sauna) from 20.-

Restore your Health & Wellness with Regular and Erotic Massage, Regular and Naked Yoga, Reiki, Mudpacks and restorative treatments. Be well, feel well!